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Posted: Monday, August 11, 2008 | Posted by David M. Weil |

OK - so here I am, 52 years old and trying my first blog. I learned to ski when I moved to Colorado from Chicago 8 years ago, so why not....

I recently came across an interesting article in Campus Technology, which is a really good publication, called "Textbook Publishing in a Flat World." Our students here at the School of Medicine spend hundreds of dollars in their first semesters on textbooks, and this story describes the transition to much less expensive online texts. Seems the migration is embarking in the subjects of business and economics, but likely will expand into all subjects over time.

I also stumbled onto Dave Warlick's 2 cents worth, a blog with some innovative ideas about teaching in the digital age.

Lastly the Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology Conference is happening on 8/12 and 8/13 in Boulder, with what looks to be an excellent program.


  1. Rod said...
  2. Thanks for your commentary, David! I follow several blogs, mostly of relatives and their friends, but have yet to put my toe in the water. I have gotten as far as having blogspot as one of my Firefox tabs, but . . . .
    My question here is, how do I access this blog to initiate comments instead of just making same?


  3. Brian Yuhnke said...
  4. Rod I will send you an invite to Become an author and post to the blog as David has.

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