Blogging Microblogging Tweeting Yikes!

Posted: Thursday, September 4, 2008 | Posted by Brian Yuhnke |

The concept of blogging has pretty much hit the mainstream and before we could get comfortable with this new means of communication it has already conceived and given birth to a few offspring. Podcasting simply takes blogging to the audio arena while Vidcasting.... well you guessed it. But what about these other things that are starting to pop up. Twitter, Pownce, Seesmic, it doesn't seem to stop.  These are essentially limited versions of blogging and vidcasting etc. In other words as you read this blog post you realize quickly that it is much more than a paragraph. Twitter actually limits your post to 140 characters and includes your posts on a "public" timeline. Almost like a public threaded discussion. Pownce is very similar where seesmic takes this threaded blog concept and applies it to video.

As people use and evolve blogging and its children, new uses and instances of the platform are quickly born. Though sometimes a few steps behind, education is certainly taking a firm hold onto blogging, and podcasting.  Have you used it? if so how? What sort of benefits can students and teachers gain from blogging?  

On a side note Edmodo, a microblogging platform for education, has opened its doors to the edu community. "Edmodo provides teachers and students the ability to share notes, links, and files to foster communication inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers also have the ability to post alerts, assignments, and events to share with their students." Seems like you could call it a microcms. Thoughts?


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