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Posted: Friday, August 1, 2008 | Posted by Brian Yuhnke | Labels: , , , , , ,

The FLC has been going strong for about two months and I really think we are on to something. This morning's conversation couldn't illustrate it any better. I jumped into the Connect room at roughly 10:50 a.m. to make sure everything was in order and then proceeded to slip upstairs for a moment to refill my water bottle. I came down only minutes later to find the conversation raging. I loved it! There was barely a chance to say hello! Questions and discussions about teaching and learning had already begun and the community was fully engaged. I am a very passionate person who thrives on it for motivation. To see this was music to my ears. Let's keep rockin and rollin!

This Blog.
As we have mentioned, this blog is for the FLC, that means anyone can be part it and we hope everyone will benefit from the potential that lays in front of us. It is meant to be a seedling and continuation of the meet ups as well as a dialogue of its own. So use it to post, comment, suggest, teach and learn. The possibilities are endless and with the innovations that come from such a community I am not about to predict the path but it will be a good one. I was reading some documentation sent over by a colleague this afternoon which had a valuable list of traits associated with a "Good Learning Blog" We are learners right? ;) Think about these as we build this community conversation.

  • Diverge not converge
  • Think about this (not do this)
  • Constructive Controversy
  • ***Group Ownership
  • Need to know (not nice to know)


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