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Posted: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 | Posted by Jenna Ream | Labels: , , ,

A while back Joni suggested that I check out Xtranormal, a free online animation tool that you can use to turn text into an animated video. Today, I tried it out by making a brief introduction to the online conversations my hybrid students will be having about Phonology and Morphology. I copied and pasted (and yes, edited a wee bit) introductory text from our chapter into this tool, then I played around with a few settings, inserted a bit of direction and within a half an hour (honest- it took less than a half an hour!) Here's what I got:

Curious? check out more examples on the xtranormal website .

Then, on Friday, let's chat LIVE about presenting content in online classes. Bring ideas you have, things you have tried and/or challenges you are facing when presenting content in an online class and let's explore ideas together.


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