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Posted: Friday, October 3, 2008 | Posted by David M. Weil |

With the increasing use of blogs and new media at all levels of education, it's refreshing to come upon a concise reminder of the basic tenets of effective teaching. In the October edition of Campus Technology, Ruth Reynard's article: Avoiding the 5 most common mistakes in using Blogs with students, applies beyond just blogs. Her excellent suggestions should be taken into consideration when developing any educational effort. Teachers should be wary of becoming overly focused on the new tools available to reach their students, and take a few minutes to review these key instructional fundamentals.


  1. Jenna Ream said...
  2. Great resource, David, thanks for posting! It funny how new tools can be intriguing... but unless we consider how to best and most effectively use them, they are not worth the code that they are written in. ;)

  3. Joni Dunlap said...
  4. Seems to me that those "five common mistakes" exist regardless. They could be describing university teaching in general.

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