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Posted: Friday, October 3, 2008 | Posted by Jenna Ream |

Earlier this week I sent Joni an email to pick her brain on slide sharing. I thought I would also post it here and ask for further comment as well. Read our thoughts below and then add a comment... what do you think?

The Question:
I am looking at Slidecast (via Slideshare) and Voicethread to use in my class... Pecha kucha style... I have now played a bit with both but not enough to have a really strong preference... Have you used both? Do you have opinions to share? With your digital story experience/expertise I thought I'd get your take before I dive in here...

Joni's Response:
Yes, I have used both. I want to like Slidecast better...but I consistently have trouble with audio aligning with visual. However, there are some good FAQ forums out there for helping troubleshoot the issue. For me...I just want things to work, I don't want to troubleshoot. I have limited patience, and give up easily. If you don't, I think it s a great way to go.

I like VoiceThread. Jing works for this sort of thing too, fyi. There are a few things I like about Voicethread. Easy to learn and use. The ability to add original and new comments. That can be a useful feature for some activities. It allows folks to zoom in and out of images...also nice. You can have one image, or set of images, and all within the same file have multiple folks contribue stories/comments on each image.

I think VoiceThread is easy for folks to use, and assists with collaborative commentary. But, I think Slidecast is a way for people to create a more professional product that can be shared via Slideshare...and that's cool.

So, bottom line...I haven't helped. (to which I replied, oh, yes you did!)

Other thoughts?


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