Share your stuff! Session 12/4 We want YOU to be part of it

Posted: Tuesday, November 24, 2009 | Posted by Jenna Ream | Labels:

Got something to share? We would LOVE to have your work a part of this session! How, you wonder? Where will you find the time to get this together? Think about what you have done this semester... Have you tried something new? What is working really well for you? For students? Coming up with what you will choose to share... That is the hard part... The rest- we are making it easy...

We will be using a 1-2-3 structure to share: you need ONE image, you have TWO minutes to speak to your work, ending with a comment or question to generate THREE minutes of discussion in the group. (now you know us… this will not be quite PechaKucha style- we won’t cut you off or the discussion for that matter- but our goal is to generate 10-15 ideas about great things to do in online classes- with only an hour to do it… so the goal times will help us get there)

Intrigued? Inspired? Well, we need YOU!

To play
- Email Jenna an image- this can be a screenshot or a compilation of screenshots, but it doesn’t have to be. Your goal is to tell the story of what you do and generate conversation around the key idea. Feel free to be creative! Then, plan your two minutes… we will compile a slideshow of all the images and when yours comes up it is your turn to speak… and yes- we mean speak using your camera/microphone… don’t have a microphone set up yet? Use this as an excuse to figure that out- Jenna, Brian and Joni are happy to help. Or… if figuring that out is just not going to happen for you between now and the 4th, send a script to Jenna and she will be happy to read your blurb aloud for the group to respond to you in the chat.

Ideas? Questions? Just want to talk through which thing you will choose? Chat with us! We want as many voices and as many examples of online teaching in action as possible… and we are here to help you to participate, so please, let us know what you need.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

~Jenna, Brian and Joni


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