Chronicle article: 10 High Fliers on Twitter

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This article was in The Chronicle of Higher Education April 10th issue (thanks to Linda Tietjen and Gayle Bradbeer for the heads up!)  How timely considering our discussion last week and again this week on Social Media and Higher Education.

Jeremy Young writes, 
Twitter is quickly becoming a global faculty lounge.  Sure, it's easy to waste a lot of time on the Internet-based microblogging service reading mundane details about people's days.  But you can also pick up some great higher-education gossip, track down colleagues to collaborate with, or get advice on how to improve your teaching or research....

The system [Twitter] will not transmit anything longer [than 140 characters]— forcing even the most long-winded blowhards to boil each point down to its essence.  That brevity horrifies some in academe, who see Twitter as further evidence of shrinking attention spans and an erosion of critical and sustained thought.  But like it or not, hordes of professors and college administrators have signed up for the service in recent months, and some are downright addicted...

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Then, join us Thursday April 9th to talk about what this might mean for all of us!


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