FLC: Special Winter Webcamp Edition!

Posted: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 | Posted by Brian Yuhnke |

It’s  Winter Webcamp (online course development workshop) The weeklong session gives attendees the opportunity to  to learn new skills, explore advanced topics and techniques and get the support they need to succeed in the online classroom. The entire workshop is being webcast using the same system (Adobe Connect) we use for our Weekly Faculty Conversations. More details including a schedule can be found at: http://www.cudenver.edu/Academics/CUOnline/FacultyResources/wwc/Pages/default.aspx

Both myself and Jenna will be in attendance at Webcamp this week and we have set up the Session 10 Tech Tools to Watch” to be scheduled close to when we usually run the FLC. This session falls in line with many  of the discussions we have had in the past weeks so please join us as the conversation will prove to be a great one.

*** Please note: The url for the conversation will be slightly different. You can join the conversation by going to http://connect.cuonline.edu/wwc09/ any time during the hour, and choosing "Enter as Guest".  (You can also find this link on our blog  in the top right corner  http://theflc.blogspot.com/ ).

Please feel free to pass this email on to other faculty who you think might be interested, the conversation is open to all. And remember, if you can't make it for the whole 90 minutes, feel free to stop by for as much as you can. Hope to see you there!


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