Tech tools to explore Part 2

Posted: Tuesday, December 9, 2008 | Posted by Brian Yuhnke |

And then if you want to try out something new-

Remember Webcamp is coming… if you have been wanting to try something out over the break is a great time… because then you can address questions at webcamp.

Thinking about podcasting? Try out or maybe - it looks promising. 

Try out using Connect/Breeze yourself- try to upload a PPT and record by yourself in a room, or make a brief welcome or 'here's what we are going to do this week' intro for one of your classes.  If you want to see an example of an Adobe Connect module check out- .

Check out Google documents and/or to explore ideas to get out of a threaded discussion rut and find new ways for students to bring together thoughts and collaborate asynchronously.

Try screencasting: is a free, downloadable application that is very easy to use and a really easy way to add something different to a course.  Once you have downloaded it and turned it on you just bring up a webpage and record an explanation/walk-through or add some commentary on what you see. You can then embed this into a page in your course.


And, as many of us need to at this time of year, if you are ready to just hide from the world:

Just do it!  Turn off your computer, your phone, your ipod, your camera.  Read a book…  Play your stereo… Go to the movies… Ski! Climb!  Sled!  Wrestle your dog (or your children) in the snow!  Just go away!  This (and we) will all be back here when you return.  :D


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